Do you want your child to be able to speak at least two languages?

We Care Child Care stands by its equal opportunities and inclusion policies and aims to teach a foreign language (Spanish) to children and families of any composition and/or background, at the same time as part of the learning and development requirements of our children; we also support them to develop their communication, language and literacy skills in English. We will aim to support children’s own home language if necessary and viable.

We Care Child Care firmly believes that the rich, positively affirming and stimulating environment of the foundation stage implemented in our preschool is an ideal place to begin early language learning.

There is growing evidence to suggest that a child’s ability to learn a second language is highest between the ages of 0 and 6. During those early years of development, children’s brains are most receptive to identifying and discriminating between sounds. At this age are naturally curious and highly motivated to learn, they are also less self-conscious than in later years.





The inspection sets out OFSTED'S judgements about the quality of our provision.Our latest OFSTED inspection got a very positive report.

The quality and standards of the early years provisionThis inspection: Good 2
Effectiveness of the leadership and management Good 2
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment Good 2
Personal development, behaviour and welfare Good 2
Outcomes for children Good 2

Children show they are happy and secure. Staff have caring, strong relationships with them. They get to know children well and value them as individuals. Children are confident and motivated to learn. They are very able to do things for themselves. For example, older children dress themselves and help to tidy up the nursery. Staff manage children's behaviour successfully, including at lunchtimes where a review of organisation has led to reduced waiting times for meals and better behaviour. Children are clear about staff expectations and staff are fair and consistent in their approach. Children behave in positive ways.

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06 September 2017
22 January 2015
23 September 2009

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