Nursery Admissions

We cater for children aged 1-5. Our admission policy aims to ensure that the provision is accessible through fair and clear procedures. Prior to a child's attendance at the preschool the parents or carers must complete and sign the contract (Terms and Conditions) and Registration Form. Parents/carers will also be asked to provide any further information which they feel would enable us to take best care of their children. 

Parental Involvement

We Care Child Care Ltd aim to form a good relationship with parents/carers so that information regarding their children (be it developmental, social or health related) can be exchanged easily and comfortably by staff and parents/carers.

We involve parents in shared record keeping about their own child, both formally and informally, ensuring parents/carers have access to all written records on their own children by completing the child's developmental book daily. Current events and news are put up on notices on the door; please keep your eye out for these notices so you don't miss out!

We welcome all parents/carers to contribute their own skills, knowledge and interests to the activities of the group. Many parents/carers have skills and abilities that can enrich the children's curriculum and learning. We welcome the contributions of parents/carers, in whatever form these may take as long as they are provided in a positive manner. We may need extra help in order for us to provide certain outings; a notice will be posted on the notice board for volunteers when required. The preschool will make known to all parents/carers, the systems for registering queries, complaints and suggestions.

Helping children to build relationships and develop self-esteem

We respect and value all the children, whatever their background, and we encourage staff and children to treat others with respect.

We encourage children in their activities and provide support and reassurance for new experiences. We give appropriate praise to support their efforts and achievements.

We allocate each child a key worker who monitors progress and ensures that the child's needs are met. This member of staff provides the link between We Care Child Care Ltd and home.

Learning about right and wrong

Children need to learn how to cope with strong feelings and what is, or is not, acceptable behaviour. We support children in managing their feelings and coping with difficult situations.

We encourage and praise children for behaving appropriately.

We always treat children with respect and show, by example, appropriate ways to behave with others.

We acknowledge that children have strong feelings that they may not know how to express. We help them to talk about what these feelings are and how to deal with any situations that arise.

We support the children in resolving conflict by talking through the effects of their behaviour on others and helping them to work out appropriate behaviour.

When inappropriate behaviour occurs, we ensure that the child knows that it is the behaviour that is wrong, not the child who is bad.

We plan activities which allow children to explore right and wrong in a non-threatening context.

Learning and play

We offer a variety of activities, both planned and free choice, which provide opportunities to learn through play.

We run a carefully-planned programme of themes/topics throughout the year to ensure that the children are given a wide range of active, real-life and everyday experiences to enhance their learning about their world. These themes/topics are chosen to reflect the children's interests and include visits in and around the locality.

We offer a mixture of active and quiet times throughout the session, and the children have opportunities to participate in both indoor and outdoor activities.

We take every opportunity to further individual children's communication skills in speaking and listening.

We encourage the children to look at books and seek opportunities to read stories to, and with, them.

We provide activities which engage the children in problem solving and investigation.

We stimulate the children's imaginative and creative development through a range of activities, including: role play; a variety of painting, modelling and drawing experiences, both planned and free-choice; singing and dancing to music, as well as listening to music and playing instruments.

We encourage the children to make choices and decisions during free play. We also expect them, supported by adults, to take appropriate responsibility for the care and maintenance of resources.

Organisation of resources

We make resources accessible to the children, wherever possible, so that they can choose their activities independently.

We label all resources so that children can find and return resources and equipment safely and easily.

We ensure the safe use and storage of resources by the children, but we also support their independence and problem-solving abilities.

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